Fighting pancreatic cancer with dedicated volunteers from around the country.


Madison Marsh

President & Co-Founder

Heidi Marsh

President & Co-Founder

Michael Marsh


2024 Volunteers

Mikaela Mohr

Marketing Chair

Emily England

Media Chair

Sarah Marsh

Web Design Chair

Melanie Bohlman

Co-Vendor Chair

Alysa Kohrs

Co-Vendor Chair

Payton Hart

Entertainment Chair

Paige Penson

Volunteer Chair & Northwest Arkansas Outreach Chair

Carrie Ward

Program Manager

Lauren Hendricks

Safety Chair

Maddy Hawkes

Fundraising Chair

Regan Christian

Customer Relations Chair & Sponsorship Chair

Madison Haraway

Central Arkansas Community Outreach Chair

Mattie Mae Krause

Informational Print Chair

Faith Greenfield

Merchandise Chair

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